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Business Structures for Small Farms: A Quick Guide

The business structure a small farm chooses has long-term implications worth careful consideration. The potential impacts of business structures include differences in federal taxation, vulnerability ...

Integrating Gardening, Nutrition and 4-H Positive Youth Development: An Overview

Building a successful youth gardening program brings multiple benefits to youth health and nutrition. With some careful planning from the start to establish leadership roles, site design, and integrat ...

Starting a CSA: An Overview of Considerations

As consumer demand for fresh, local fruits and vegetables grows, more Washington State farms are looking into the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model for increasing farm sales. There are multi ...

Tips for Marketing Quality Salmon Harvests Direct to the Customer

Selling direct to the customer can be rewarding for a commercial salmon fisherman, with higher returns per pound and good relationships with appreciative customers. To be successful, suppliers must pr ...