Commercial Tree Fruit and Nut Orchards Publication Order List

A colorful brochure listing WSU/CE publications for commercial orchard growers. ...
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Drought Advisory: Tree Fruit

The following information highlights critical management concerns and possible options in managing fruit trees under drought conditions. ...

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

As homeowners continue to build in the wild and urban interface, they must take special precautions to protect their homes. One way to do this is to create a defensible space around the home, and o ...


Major Grapevine Diseases: Fanleaf and Leafroll

Common Washington State grapevine diseases: Fanleaf and Leafroll. How diseases affect crops, When & what to look for (symptoms), Don’t be fooled (mistakes in diagnosis), Your part in prevention: be cl ...

Protecting Grapevines from Winter Injury

This publication describes three systems (burying canes in a V-trench, J-system training, and spur-pruned rose training) that may help prevent grapevine injury from winter freezes, which reduce fruit ...