Chalker-Scott, Linda

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Why do Leaves Turn Red? (Home Garden Series)

Leaves on deciduous plants may turn red for a variety of reasons – some normal like age, drought, and cold, and some abnormal like nutrient deficiency, chronic drought, or pathogen attacks.

This p ...


Organic Fungicides for the Home Gardener (Home Garden Series)

There are many products available to home gardeners for managing diseases caused by fungal pathogens on plants. Effective products include those derived from natural substances, in addition to the syn ...

Using Cereal Straw Bales in Home Gardens

Straw bale gardening is experiencing a resurgence with home gardeners—find out more about the science- and evidence-based pros and cons.

The Efficacy and Environmental Consequences of Kelp-Based Garden Products

Processed seaweeds and kelps are heavily marketed to home gardeners—but are they effective? And what are the environmental impacts? Find out here!

Protecting Water Resources: Planting and Caring for Home Wetlands and Other Riparian Areas (Home Garden Series)

Create an aesthetically pleasing landscape while preserving sensitive riparian natural areas: how to choose, plant, and protect various plant species.

Growing Rhubarb in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)

Get ready to grow rhubarb! This pub describes the best methods for growing and sustaining healthy rhubarb plants in your home garden.