Bush, Michael R.

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Organic Pest Management in Backyard Fruit Trees and Berry Patches

The goal of this publication is to provide gardeners in the Pacific Northwest with an organic approach to keep their home grown tree fruit and berries pest free. This approach begins with proper plant ...

Pest Management Guide for Apples in Washington Home Orchards (Home Garden Series)

This publication is designed to help the home gardener recognize the most important insects, diseases, and vertebrate pests that affect their apple trees. It offers cultural management techniques that ...

The Larger Moths Found in Washington State (Home Garden Series)

Moths are stunningly beautiful and prevalent insects in Washington State and, through this publication, identifying them becomes much easier. ...

Praying Mantids: Defenders of the Home Landscape? (Home Garden Series)

Initially introduced from Europe to control garden pests, the praying mantid certainly looks distinct. This pub explores their history, life cycle, and efficacy in the home garden.