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Snailcase Bagworm

These pests can attach to house siding or autos so tightly that they damage the paint when removed. They can devastate many types of plants. Hard to detect, small, and often resembling a small dirt cl ...

Spruce Aphid

The spruce aphid, Elatobium abietinum, is destructive of the spruce forests, especially Sitka. Aphid numbers are greatest in February and March, before their damage is discovered. Where damage ...

White Pine Weevil

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Photographs and descriptions identify the white pine weevil, (Pissodes strobi), which is also known as the Sitka spruce weevil. Found throughout the western states, t ...


Odorous House Ant

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Tapinoma sessile (Say), the odorous house ant, is a widely distributed native species found throughout the United States, in Canada, and Mexico. The common name of this ...


Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators

This manual is intended to help beginning pest control operators prepare for Washington State pesticide licensing exams.

Structural Pest Inspector Manual

This manual is designed to improve the knowledge and skill of structural pest inspectors (SPIs) in Washington State. It provides instruction on how to conduct a structural pest inspection and write ...