Integrated Management of Wild Oat in the Pacific Northwest

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), wild oat has become a notable weed pest of small grain and rotational crops, including pulse crops, potato, sugar beet, and oilseed crops. It has infested more than 3 million acres of cropland in Idaho, costing small grain growers in the state alone more than 9 million dollars annually in control costs. Feeding its spread is the fact that it has developed resistance to several herbicides. This PNW provides all the basics you need to mount a defense against the stubborn grass, including its identification, crop impacts, and management strategies. A handy table also lists the brand-name herbicides to which the wild oat has developed resistance, upping the odds on your control efforts. Authors: Albert T. Adjesiwor, Drew J. Lyon, Judit Barroso, Joan Campbell
Sku: PNW759

Published: December 2021