2010 Cost of Producing Native and Scotch Spearmint Under Rill and Center Pivot Irrigation in Washington

This manuscript provides up-to-date information on the production cost of spearmint, which is used by a variety of people as benchmark of industry production costs, and to determine the feasibility o ...
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Determining the Gross Amount of Water Applied --Surface Irrigation

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation, Weed Control Go Hand in Hand

WSU Drought Advisory: Controlling weeds greatly reduces water loss in crops. Many weeds, such as ragweed, sunflower, lambsquarter, and Russian thistle, use more water than crops like wheat, corn, and ...

Effect of Deficit Irrigation on the Cost of Producing Native Spearmint Oil in Washington State

Washington State is the largest producer of native spearmint oil in the U.S. This publication provides guidelines for assessing how deficit irrigation (deliberately irrigating a crop with less water t ...