Projects and Publications

Projects and Publications

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Getting Started in Food Preservation, Member Kit

This is a kit for 4-H members to accompany the Getting Started in Food Preservation project. Unit dividers for the four main chapters highlight the material presented in that chapter with charts, t ...


Goat Project: 4-H Leader Guide

For the 4-H leader of a goat project. Topics include: purpose of the project, overview, leaders' responsibilities, parents' roles, resource people, developing the 4-H program, suggested project activi ...

Ground Handling Horses Safely Video

By understanding life from the horse's point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse's natural instincts. This video demonstrates safe and proper methods for approaching, handling, leading, and tying horses.

Length: 17:40

View for free on YouTube using the link below.


Ground Handling Horses Safely Video Facilitator Guide and Lesson Plan

Designed as supplemental material to the Ground Handling Horses Safely Video. ...

Guide Dog Puppy Project Record

A record for the 4-Her's service dog/puppy project. ...

Guidelines for Judging the WA State 4-H Dog Obedience Program

This Class has been developed as an intermediary class between the Novice Obedience Class and the Graduate Novice Obedience Class. ...


Horse Management Record

Tracks monthly expenses, equipment inventory, clinics, and show and exhibition record. ...

Horse Production Breeding Record

Used to record expenses, mare and stallion information, and breeding management. ...

Horses Are Fun: 4-H Horseless Horse Project

Online Only

Member Manual. Teaches about horses, breeds, markings, coat colors, gaits, grooming, managing, animal health and safety, equipment, good horsemanship, and how to ride. Illustra ...